About Us

Terre Hill Concrete Products

Since 1919, Terre Hill Concrete Products, Inc. has been a symbol of trust, quality, and performance. Headquartered in historic Lancaster County, PA, and renowned for its high-quality products and work ethic, Terre Hill Concrete Products began as a manufacturer of concrete block. Today, we produce over 15 million blocks per year.

Through the years, Terre Hill Concrete Products has invested in both people and technology to meet the changes and developments within our industry, evolving into a full-line precast concrete products producer and supplier to many of the largest DOT-approved contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our design and fabrication capabilities include a full-line of precast products, consisting of utility and infrastructure products, environmental products, as well as custom designed and manufactured products for a variety of design-build site development projects. Included are bridge structures, storm drains, storm inlets, sanitary manholes, pump stations, liquid holding tanks and an ever-expanding diversity of specialty products.

Today, our extensive in-house engineering and quality-controlled NPCA certified manufacturing plants provide Terre Hill Concrete Products with the depth and assurance to tackle an even greater number of challenges. In fact, we believe our product line to be restricted only by your imagination.

At the core of our success is a legacy of dedicated, customer-caring employees, steeped in the Terre Hill tradition of quality, longevity and teamwork. Each is a proud individual, made more valuable by their experienced interface across departments, and their willingness to go the distance to provide “no better solution” to meet customer needs.

Our Locations

Corporate office and Block Production Plants

Lebanon Precast Plant and Office

East Earl Precast Plant and Office