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Terre Tree Filter™ Low Impact Design/Green Infrastructure

Terre Tree Filter™ is a Low Impact Design/Green Infrastructure (LID/GI) manufactured treatment device-best management practice (MTD-BMP) used in the design of integrated street landscapes. It can accommodate vegetation other than trees.

Terre Tree Filter™ design is compatible with state DOT road and highway specifications; eliminating time consuming expensive field construction.

Terre Tree Filter™ design has many different configurations: open sides, open bottom, open top or any combination. Terre Tree Filter™

Terre Tree Filter™ is sized similar to catch basin inlets. It is installed on-line; its internal pipe design captures and conveys excess flows into the main storm sewer system; minimizing the need for additional catch basins.

The University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center has determined that a tree filter can be sized to accommodate drainage areas from 3,000 ft² to 250,000 ft².

The Terre Tree Filter™ uses high flow through filtration media capable of 100 inches/hour consisting of: fine, medium, coarse and very coarse sand; gravel and peat moss; with expected pollutant removal rates of:

  • TSS 82%;
  • Nitrogen 76%;
  • Phosphorous 91%.

Learn About the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center.


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