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Terre Urban Protector™ Low Impact Design Pretreatment Device

Terre Urban Protector™ is a manufactured treatment device that is used to pretreat urban stormwater runoff prior to its entry into Low Impact Design-Green Infrastructure best management practices. (LID/GI BMPs)

Terre Urban Protector™ removes oil, grease, trash, floatables and sediment. As oil and grease enter a LID/GI BMP, it creates a hydrocarbon film on top of the soil, which interferes with infiltration necessary for urban drainage and for vegetative growth. Terre Urban Protector™ reduces the need for ongoing maintenance and reduces the cost for planting replacement vegetation.

Terre Urban Protector™ also removes sediment and heavy metals deposited on urban streets resulting from vehicular operation.

Capture of trash and floatables in the Terre Urban Protector™ removes these pollutants from sight, enhancing the functioning and aesthetic appearance of LID/GI BMPs.

Terre Urban Protector™ cost is repaid many times over through reduced maintenance and lower vegetation replacement needs.


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